Company Ethics

Why choose IPRO3D?

1) Confidential –

Every business has its risks and security associated with it. IPRO3D is a leading 3d Printing and 3D CAD modelling company. Whether you are establishing a 3D Model or getting printing services with us, security is our prime concern and responsibility. We understand the importance of valuable designs made by investing a lot of time, efforts and creative thinking. You can upload designs with confidence as we take care that no one could download/hack the design. Similarly, all our transmissions are safe with transcripted environment. Your designs are safe with us and never misused or published without your permission.

2) What Assignments are prohibited at IPRO3D?

IPRO3D has established its business ethics and policies.  We do not accept assignments which conflict with our mission and our business ethics. For example, models devised for weapon industry or models like skimming devices do not qualify at IPRO3D.

3) Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements

Mutual Non-disclosure Agreements assures all the confidentiality of the designs, parts, design files, etc. concerns between IPRO3D and consumer/another party.

4) Our Promise

At IPRO3D we follow all legal and mutual confidentiality agreements at the priority because we don’t want our customers to worry about it. We assure and promises our customers that their designs, ideas and files safe with us as its security is our prime concern. The files are copyrighted once they are safely uploaded to our secure server by you. We believe in new collaborations, mutual co-operation and trust. We have consistent business policies and strong business ethics in this concern.