1. Overview

We IPRO3D Technologies LLP is a 3D printing start-up located at Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India which is almost in the center of India geographically.We have a very good and passionate team of Engineers working towards the same goal.We provide professional Services online and offline for on demand production of prototypes,end use products,as well as batch production for products, etc using additive manufacturing technology also popularly known as 3D printing.

IPRO3D provides access to wide range of materials, finishes, techniques and manufacturing processes as well as superior optimization tools for file repair and analysis. We provide delivery of our 3d printed and traditionally manufactured products PAN India. We also process worldwide delivery according to the order quantity.

IPRO3D a socially responsible business:
  1. The company runs with a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.
  2. The founders have entrenched their commitment to social issues in the company’s character.
  3. The style of management strives to achieve success on a daily basis, but also in long

2. History


  • Idea (June 2016) – Eureka, Idea of 3D printing business.
  • Market survey (August 2016)
  • Training at MCED (October 2016)
  • Planning and development (December 2016)


  • Company Incorporation as IPRO3D TECHNOLOGIES LLP (October 2017)


  • Website launch and India 1st Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing Online Marketplace (March 2018)
  • Incubated at MAGIC (Marathwada Accelerator for Growth and Incubation Council) Incubation Center by CMIA (Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture) (May 18)
  • Recognized as a Startup by DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion) under Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. (May 18)
  • Solidworks partners as CAD partner with IPRO3D TECHNOLOGIES LLP (July 18)

3. Our Approach

Our approach is to work towards bringing every innovative idea or product to reality (Actual 3d object/part) by using a disruptive technology of Additive Manufacturing also popularly known as 3D printing and make the world a better place to live by changing the face of manufacturing industry by removing its currently involved hierarchy of traditional manufacturing and to become the global leader of digital manufacturing industry.

4. Our Team

The ones who runs this company...
IPRO3D Technologies LLP was founded on 14th October 2017 By Er. Yogesh Chandrakant Pawar and Dr. Chandrakant T Pawar.

Er. Yogesh C. Pawar

Founder and Director Department

Business Operations and Business Development Passionate Mechanical Engineer and Entrepreneur.

Dr.Chandrakant T Pawar

Co-Founder and Director

Department- Finance Doctor by profession.

Mr. Yash C. Pawar

(Graphic design, Arts and animated modeling)

Department-Business Development
Passionate artist and graphic designer.

We have two teams working towards same goal

  • Web development and business development Team.
    • This team designs and operates online and offline portal services.It is also responsible for promoting of IPRO3D and build a strong customer relationship by enhancing the user experience and acquire new customers. This team specifically works towards improvement of web portal and web services related issues by removing the flaws in the existing system.
  • Business operations Team
    • The operations team performs the actual additive manufacturing or 3D printing of the 3D CAD designs and 3D scans by using various techniques of additive manufacturing or 3d printing as the principle remains the same even if the method of manufacturing is changed. This team looks after rigorous quality testing of the 3d printed product/part/object. The operations team is also responsible for the procurement of raw material, rigorous quality testing and control, reducing the Leadtime, designing, packaging, accounts and finance, etc.

5. Company Ethics

     Every business has its risks and security associated with it. IPRO3D is a leading 3d Printing and 3D CAD modeling company. Whether you are establishing a 3D Model or getting printing services with us, security is our prime concern and responsibility. We understand the importance of valuable designs made by invelsting a lot of time, efforts and creative thinking. You can upload designs with confidence as we take care that no one could download / hack the design. Similarly, all our transmissionas are safe with transcripted environment. Your designs are safe with us and never misused or published without your permission.

  • What Assignments are prohibited at IPRO3D?
    • IPRO3D has established its business ethics and policies. We do not accept assignments which conflict with our mission and our business ethics. For example, models devised for weapon industry or models like skimming devices do not qualify at IPRO3D
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Mutual Non-disclosure Agreements assures all the confidentiality of the designs, parts, design files, etc. concerns between IPRO3D and consumer/other party.
  • Our Promise
    • At IPRO3D we follow all legal and mutual confidentiality agreements at priority because we don’t want our customers worry about it. We assure and promises our customers that their designs, ideas and files safe with us as its security is our prime concern. The files are copyrighted once they are safely uploaded to our secure server by you. We believe in new collaborations, mututal co-operation and trust. We have consistent business policies and strong business ethics in this concern.The files are copyrighted once they are safely uploaded to our secure server by you.

    • We believe in new collaborations, mututal co-operation and trust. We have consistent business policies and strong business ethics in this concern.

6. Authentic

      Technology has made everything simple and easy to understand. Explore the new standerds in 3d printing industry. If you want to make an actual prototype (3d physical object/part) of your 3d CAD model file, IPRO3D is the right place which offers authentic materials and processes for 3d printing models/designs. We make sure that everything you get is of excellent quality

Material Used

   IPRO3d offers a wide variety of high quality 3d Printing materials. Making your ideas become real 3d physical object/part in different materials like photopolymer resins, plastics and polymers, metals, alloys, high temperature resistant materials, tough materials, castable materials, etc. Our material have the highest level of dimensional accuracy and material properties. Whether you want to develop unique jewelry designs, scale models for architecture projects or landscapes, prototypes of toys, industrial parts, end use parts or medical devices, IPRO3D assures the premium quality materials for all prototypes according to product requirements. We offer different alternatives of materials like detailed, durable and multicolor also. You can choose the perfect materials alternative for your products. If you are not very good technically in choosing materials we are always there and can also help you choose it.

7. Accuracy

   You are in the era of technology which has changed the world in an innovative way. Now, it is possible to change the 2D designs into a 3d physical object/part with advanced technological equipment and software solutions. Accuracy, quality and lead time are the key points in 3d printing processes. We at IPRO3D use high end software solutions and equipment which assure greater accuracy and fine quality in the final 3d printed product.

Engineering Specifications

       It is essential to study the engineering specifications of the part before the 3D printing process starts. IPRO3D follows simple steps to achieve perfection in 3d printing process.
Basic steps we follow before we 3d print any part/design/idea.

  • Analysis and detail study of the part for 3d printing.
  • Study of Prelimanary requirements and developments.
  • Evaluation and prototyping
The accuracy of the 3d printed part is reflected from its 3D design/model.

Authentic Appearance

       The appearance and scale of object are important in 3d printing industry. The carefull analysis, design and rendering of the CAD file with 3D software and tools ensure the authentic appearance of objects. Selection of 3d printing materials also contributes to the appearance and mechanical properties of the part/model/object. Design experts at IPRO3D identify and ensure the printability of the STL file of 3d CAD model to assure the authentic appearance of the models. The process of mapping of drawing form 3d CAD model file to actual 3d printing process is totally taken care by machine and its software’s. The process of mapping the drawing to model is the actual 3d printing process which is totally handeled by the machine. There are several processes associated with 3d printing. However, the basic principle of 3d printing layer by layer remains the same.

8. Careers

Job openings

"If you are passionate about 3d printing and want to work with a technology driven startup IPRO3D is the perfect place for you.Currently we do not have no Job openings but who knows where you could fit in so don’t miss on this opportunity and upload your resume here."

Yogesh Pawar
Managing Director


Currently we don’t have any openings For internship but if you don’t want to miss any future opportunity working with us as an intern upload your resume here.

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