Instantly if you use the online quote service, otherwise around 12 hours on working days.
We run a large industrial 3d printer using laser beams and so much heat we could roast a chicken in a matter of minutes. This process takes several days from start to ends We offer two services economy 7 -18 business days and priority 4- 7 days, you can select this at check out.
We can only print with STL files, please export to an STL from your CAD software.
Use NetFabb Basic, Mesh mixer or other preferred program to check, repair, scale and check the scale is correct or use the online Microsoft repair tools here: https://ipro3d.io/stlfiles/ (you will need a Microsoft account)
IPRO3D offers a design service, however our hire a design expert page has several 3d designers to choose from across India.
Unfortunately, no, photos have no usable data for us. But we can convert your 2d photos to litheophanes.
A 3D printer, by its very nature, prints in 3d using data taken from digital 3d file called an STL (there are new formats being developed that can be used but STL’s are still the most common). These files usually have been directly designed in those programs or cleaned up in them from a scanned file of a real-world object.
On regular basis we have people and companies from around India approach us to 3D print their scale models of buildings, landscapes, development projects, etc. The results are very impressive and we often get positive feedback from our clients including hotel de
All prices on IPRO3D are in Indian Rupees (INR).
IPRO3D accepts credit card, debit card, net banking, wallets, cash payments.
IPRO3D does not take a cut out of the designer’s markup. Instead, we add 10% of the designer’s markup to the sale price for designs.For example: A designer sets download price as Rs. 325/-. the final price is: Rs.325/- +(325 x 10%) = Rs. 357.5/-
Designers will be paid through Paytm on the 15th of every month for earned balances over Rs. 2000/-
To update your Paytm information: 1) Go to account settings by hovering over your image avatar in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and selecting “Settings”. 2) Next, select the “Account settings” tab. 3) Enter the email linked to your PAYTM account in the “Paytm email” box. 4) Enter your current password into the appropriate box and click “Update”. Your Paytm information is now up-to-date!
Probably, but we’re not experts. Any earning that you generate from IPRO3D are your responsibility to manage appropriately within your local country. We cannot provide tax advice on your earnings as tax laws vary from country to country drastically. When in doubt, get professional advice on tax-law and filings form your personal tax advisor.
Yes. You cannot upload weapons design files. Questionable content reported to IPRO3D will be reviewed and removed, if necessary. Make sure you read IPRO3D acceptable use and content policy for guidelines. Designers who violate IPRO3D content policy will risk account deletion.
The designers always maintain ownership of them deigns but choose which licenses to offer their designs under. Details of these licenses can be found in our Terms & Conditions.
We take violations of IP within the design community very seriously. Designers who infringe on others copyrights have risk of account deletion. If you suspect that any designer on IPRO3d marketplace is infringing on your copyright please attempt to contact that designer directly and politely inform them of your concerns. Failing that, please follow the complete Takedown Procedure.
Our Terms and conditions prohibit uploading content that you don’t own or have permission to use. We expect that our designers hold the copyrights to their portfolio of designs.
Realistically, we cannot review all designs or verify possible copyright infringement. We encourage users to report any known violations to IPRO3D by following the takedown procedure.
There are a few things you can do to make sure your files are ready to print. Export / save as your 3d CAD design/model file to. STL or .OBJ then Check your model for technical errors and try to repair them.
IPRO3D supports. STL and .OBJ files, as well as .ZIP files containing those types. For information on changing files formats and preparing your shapes for upload, view our preparation guide.
For information on changing files formats and preparing your shapes for upload, view our preparation guide.
The optimal image dimensions for the design listing page are 800px x 600px. These dimensions will make sure that your design photo is properly fitted and doesn’t look pixelated when the listing is done.
by default, the safari browser on desktop support WebGL, which is what is used in the design render. To update your settings and fix the problem, complete the following steps:
1) Open the Safari Menu and select Preferences.
2) Click the advanced tab in the preferences window.
3) At the bottom of that window. Check the show develop menu bar checkbox.
4) Open the develop menu in the menu bar and select enable WebGL.
Contact us at support@ipro3d.io to discuss educational pricing.
IPRO3D provides design services ourselves, but you can hire a lot of the great designers on IPRO3D to help you out! If you’d like to hire someone, you can post a design request in the IPRO3D Forum.
Educational content is always welcome on IPRO3D
If you would like to share the tutorial yourself, the best place to share it is in the IPRO3D Forum.
If you’re interested in having your tutorial featured on the IPRO3D Forum.
If you’re interested in having your tutorial featured on the IPRO3D Blog, sign up as a IPRO3D Ambassador!


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